Come As You Are

Some of the reasons people give for not having their picture taken:

I need to lose 10 lbs

I need to grow out my hair

I don’t have anything nice to wear

I don’t like how I look right now

Daughter, mother, grandmother, great grandmother

Let me tell you what I hear people say when they look at pictures of their family:

I remember this day so well

She always was smiling

He made me laugh every time

This was so much fun

I miss them so much

Both of my parents have passed on.  I lost my mother in 2007 and my father in 2015. It was after my mother passed that I realized how important photos are.  I do not have enough of her and very little of us together.  I do, however, have more pictures with my father.

My father


So here is the lesson:

Don’t wait.

I try to take as many pictures as I can with my family.  I want my children to have these treasures long after I’m gone.  My family will be able to say “I remember Gigi sitting with us on the swing” or “Remember when mom took us to the beach?”. They will also have pictures to match those memories.

I’m sure you’ve bought an endless amount of toys, sweaters, candles or “wrapped” gifts for your family.  Toys get broken, sweaters get holes, candles burn out.

Mothers and daughters

But what if you made an invaluable investment in a portrait session?  And what if you were able to pull these photos out year after year and enjoy them?  And what if 50 years from now your grandchildren have this beautiful box full of photos of you and your family setting on a shelf and nights when your name comes up, they can pull out that box and spread those photos over the table and tell the stories to their grandchildren?

And what if there were no photos?

I designed my luxury sessions to remove most of the reasons women give for not having their photos taken.  You can come to us in a t-shirt and sweat pants, no makeup, and unstyled hair and we will take it from there.  Professional hair and makeup is done onsite, and our stylist will put together outfits for your session.  I will then direct you during the entire photoshoot, and even make you laugh a time or two.  It doesn’t get any easier than that.  You will look and feel like a queen.  It’s really that easy!  The best part is the reveal session when you walk into the room and see your beautiful portraits displayed.  I always imagine each of your photos in the hands of someone you love.  That is the best. gift. ever.

Never once will you hear a daughter, son, or grandchild say “I think she was 10 lbs too heavy in this picture”.

 I promise you, you will only regret the things you didn’t do when you had the chance.

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