My family has been the subject and driving forces behind my passion for photography.  
From my daughter's dance recitals to the birth of our grandson, I've collected many priceless moments.  Each season of life is fleeting and it's so important to  document as much as possible.
I realized many people share this value but need a photographer who can recognize the magic in the moment.  When my clients get teary eyed looking at their images, I know I've captured the magic.

Let me introduce myself

Whether it's through writing, painting, or photography, we all have a story to tell. But finding someone who can see below the surface and interpret your story is true a treasure.
When you look at a portrait year after year, it should take you back to that moment in time. It should remind you of how you were feeling in that season. It may be cliche' but it is true that "a picture is worth a thousand words".

It's time to tell your story.

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